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gwenbird's Journal

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Caoimhe Scott
born 1602
turned 15-20 years later
great-aunt, widow
storyteller, thief, mercenary, CEO
5'4" || 150 lbs. || red-tailed
Called Gwen by anyone who has heard of her in living memory, Caoimhe was once the low-profile, high-flying packmate and friend of the infamous Eoin Beattie and Catarina Pagano. That suddenly ended rather bloodily, and Gwen found herself widowed and with three of her brother's descendants to raise, one of them but a babe and another recently 'turned. Not only that, but her (estranged) husband's chain of supernatural-catering bars fell in her lap at the same time. She was not, and is not ready for this. All she wants is to slink off into the wild and mourn, but first she has to set things right.
Predator || Prey
A werehawk is in no way a traditional mythological creature, unless you squint really damn hard. Their creation itself goes against the ways the others were made. It lends a slight tendency toward madness, and an at-times bloodthirsty doctrine to their weak, sparse race. More than any of the werewolves or other species, the 'hawks are terrified of silver. Their animal bodies are so small that it barely takes a sliver to kill them. Technically, there are middle forms between the bird and the human, but they're fairly useless, and so Gwen avoids them. She spends a lot of time as a hawk - slightly larger than the average wild red-tail - these days, forgetting herself in the wildness of it.
((I am not Gilli Moon, nor did I take the photos of the hawks; I don't own them. Gwen and her concept, however, are mine. || Layout profile code thanks to ReversesCollide))